Skincare: When to Splurge and When to Save

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With the changing seasons it's a good time to adjust your skin regimen. Here are some tips on when you can save on products and when you should splurge. 

SAVE on cleanser because it's only on the skin for a minute or two and isn't the most important thing you will use. Cetaphil is a great cleanser for all skin types Cetaphil Skin Cleanser $10

SPLURGE on SPF, I am a huge advocate of absolutely loving the SPF you wear. You use it all day long you should love it. 
SAVE on toner, there are great toners you can splurge on if you want but there are also great toners that you can pick up at a drug store. 
SPLURGE on serums and face oils, I think your serum or oil is the most important thing you put on your skin, it has the ability to skink the deepest into the pores so this is an area you want to splurge. I recommend the Regenerative Oil Complex for $75
SAVE on body lotion because there are tons of great ones at the drug store even using a natural coconut oil is an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking great. Our favorite is Aveeno Body Lotion, you can pick it up at most drugstores.
SPLURGE on your night cream, this is the last thing you put on at night so you want to make sure it has high quality ingredients targeted to your skin care concerns 

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