Daily Habits Causing You to Breakout

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Do you ever wonder why you keep breaking out while you consistantly keep up with a strict skin regimen? Some daily habits could be causing this without you even realizing it.


  • You haven't been food allergy tested. You could be putting something in your body everyday that you don't even realize is causing those annoying breakouts.
  • You're using drying products. The wrong skincare products can dry the skin and make it produce excess oil which can clog pores. Using face oils actually helps skin regulate oil production, keeping your skin balanced and free of breakouts.
  • You're wearing the wrong SPF. Experiment with different SPF’s until you find the right one for you. This is a very individual choice based on skin concerns.
  • You’re not cleaning your sunglasses and phone. The things your use everyday can carry tons of bad germs, dirt, and oils that can cause skin irritation including breakouts. Make sure you give these items a good cleaning as much as possible.
  • Skipping washing your face. The dirt and oils from the day should be cleaned off as soon as possible, but if you’re too tired and not feeling up for a full face wash keep wipes by your bedside, it's better than nothing.
  • Using gym towels after a workout. After the gym or sauna immediately wash your face, skip the dirty gym towels and use a face wipe instead, or bring your own towels.
  • Have you checked your partners face? Kissing can cause breakouts. Also, your partners facial hair can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Always kiss of course just know that this could be adding to your skin issues.

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