Why Everyone Needs a Face Oil in Their Routine

Szamosszegi Skincare Face Oil

Hey Beauties!

I’ve been raving about oils for years, and there are so many reasons why. I wanted to just talk to you about a few of them so you can understand why it’s time to invest in an oil if you haven’t already.


  1. Oil is able to penetrate the skin much deeper than other products like moisturizer. It has the ability to replenish moisture to your skin by sealing it in, as an added bonus by sealing the moisture in the skin it also creates a protective layer to not allow outside toxins to come in.
  2. It helps balance your skin. One myth I hear all the time is that if you have oily skin you shouldn’t use oil, that in fact is completely false. If you have oily skin your skin may actually be begging for oil. Sometimes people with oily skin use very drying products which actually makes their skin produce more oil, by using an oil it helps reduce the natural oil production and balance out your skin. 
  3. Oil tends to have less ingredients than moisturizers and more ingredients that you can pronounce. It’s always good when you know exactly what’s in your products. I have found that most oils are a lot cleaner than other skincare products.
  4. A good skincare oil will leave you looking dewy and glowing (not greasy). It should give the skin a beautiful healthy glow while nourishing it all day long.
  5. You don’t have to use as much oil as you do other products. It’s spreads very easily so a few drops should cover the whole face and neck. If I feel any left over on my hands I make sure and give my chest area the extra care. 

Our Brightening Oil Complex, it’s lightweight, absorbs easily and smells amazing. It’s the perfect oil for someone who’s unsure what what will work for them. It helps brighten up the complexion while protecting and nourishing the skin with all the amazing ingredients we have formulated into it, ad it's perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

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